Corona Log 04.19.2020

Lack of sleep and a lack of a routine have been hurting me. Life has hurt me really, but I can’t cope when I have nothing to do. So I made a little routine for myself. It’s been a few months since I’ve had a routine, but that was mainly – go to dialysis, try […]

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Corona Log 04/16/2020

Man, Animal Crossing ate up a lot of my life. But I’m back to a downswing. I’m just so tired of having the threat of death hanging over my head. And the problem is, this threat doesn’t go away without a vaccine. I can’t risk going outside even when cases are down and society starts […]

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Corona Log: 04/02/2020

So things have taken a more positive turn, mostly because I’m staying indoors. My health is suffering for it, but I’m going to strategize on ways to combat that. I’ve gained 8 lbs, which is very bad for me. One thing I’m surprisingly poor at is accepting setbacks. Every setback I face isn’t just that […]

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Corona Log: 03.26.2020

A word of warning: none of this will be pretty or positive or optimistic. This is a pressure valve for me to release. As an immunocompromised person who is on disability and just had a kidney transplant four months ago, this has not been a great time. If you didn’t know, I need to take […]

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Raph Talks Stuff Episode 1

In the opening episode, Raph gets really personal and talks about the ordeal that has been the last three years of his life. Kidney failure, dialysis and eventually a transplant. If you or someone you know is going through kidney failure, I hope that my story helps you in some way. If you know someone […]

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Welcome to Raph Does! What is this page for? It’s for me, Raph, to write about stuff I do. Keep you up to date on things I’m doing, and just a hub for all my social stuff. I plan on writing reviews and commentary here, as well as providing links to my content, like […]

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Raph Remembers: 9/11/2001

16 years. Half a lifetime practically for me. I was 17, so my whole adult life is post 9/11. It’s not like I don’t remember what life was like before 9/11, that’s silly and overdramatic, which I’ve been accused of being. Repeatedly. And it’s true. Mostly.   Coming back to the city from being in […]

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